class Onyx::HTTP::Error(Code)


A HTTP error which is expected to be rescued upon processing, for example by Middleware::Rescuer, and then rendered by Middleware::Renderer.

Define your own errors to handle expected situations:

In case of error, a plain text response status and body will be > 404 and "404 User not found with ID 42" respectively.
class UserNotFound < Onyx::HTTP::Error(404)
  def initialize(@id : Int32)
    super("User not found with ID #{@id}")

  def payload
    {id: @id}

# Will return 404 erorr if a user isn't found by the ID
router.get "/users/:id" do |env|
  id = env.request.path_params["id"]?.to_i?
  raise unless Models::User.find?(id)

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status_message status_message

Instance Method Detail

def code : Int32 #

The HTTP status code of this error.

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def payload #

The error payload. Usually used by custom renderers, for example, Onyx::HTTP::Renderers::JSON calls error.payload.try &.to_json. Returns nil by default.

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